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Aug 3, 2013 5:00am PDT
as their data. nsa told "the guardian" focuses and specifically deployed against legitimate foreign targets in response to requirements that our leaders need for information necessary to protect our nation and its interests. so, it's more revelations. we had the vote now, you know, a week ago in congress on nsa reform that was, that came surprisingly close to happening and i think the most interesting thing to me to come out of that, how funky these two coalitions were. basically half the democrats were for it and half the republicans were for it and half were against it. we have the new revelations this week. do you think this moves the issue on the ball at all? >> one thing i have been fascinated by is americans. they seem not to really care about this story. care about the idea that the government can sift through everything we sin. i think that's sort of the sleeping giant perhaps in this, but there is this strange coalition. i think if this, obviously, were a republican administration, you'd have much more vocal democrats. you had, i think, 100 of them vote with republicans on this. bu
Aug 24, 2013 5:00am PDT
this in the last few weeks with rand paul raising concerns about all the revelations we had about the nsa and chris christie basically saying, hey, these policies work. i want rand paul to come to new jersey and make the argument to widows of 9/11. where to you come down on that debate? >> i more on the side of rand paul. i am kerped about a government that should be protecting us from our enemies. the nsa has overreached its power and intrusion into our privacy. these are our fourth amendment rights. i'm also concerned about the irs abuse of power and the doj going after reporters like you guys and digging into your e-mails and privacy. we're seeing more and more scandals coming out of the nsa every day. i'm concerned about individual liberty. >> and there is a difference you have with governor cristie over sandy and we'll talk about this later in the show. national conservatives look at governor christie in the last couple years and saying he's not a real conservative. you have looked at him as a conservative more closely than they have. would you tell them chris christie is a conservative? >> i
Aug 25, 2013 5:00am PDT
around. he refused to call it a military coup because that would require the united states to act. >> nsa spying, i'm sure he'd be protesting. >> but i think this is -- this is what i mean. people can look back and we can extrapolate almost anything we want. >> no, you can't. >> there's a very -- >> you can't. >> but there is a truth about dr. king's life. so, if you go back to that dream speech, the truth about that speech is that the dream part of it was sort of the baptist minister coming out of dr. king. at that moment in his speech, he's winding it down and he's trying to figure out how to connect all the points that he previously made. now, if you go to the part of that speech when he talks about a promissory note, marked insufficient funds, where he warns that don't think negros are going to be content on this day and go back and it's business as usual for this nation. dr. king's speech was a radical expression. the only speech i can compare it to, and none of us were alive at the time, was frederick douglas's, fourth of july, sort of this notion that in this moment, have i to indi
Aug 4, 2013 5:00am PDT
government overreach. we've seen it on the national scale with nsa phone records, the department of justice getting the ap phone records took a majority democrat status in the state of colorado and i believe they went and did an overreach. they overreached on gun control, overreached on the billion dollar tax increase and -- >> they're being recalled specifically because of guns. you say overreach and the polling is -- it can be weird because what was actually in the legislation is not exactly what's polled. when you ask about background checks in colorado, we have polling from earlier this year like 85% support in colorado so how can that be overreach? >> this recall starts with gun control but ends with accountability. what started in colorado and sparked these recall elections and got regular citizens to get off the sofa and work for the recall elections, is john morse did not listen to his constituents. in fact, he shut down the debate and the dissent, changed rules midstream, took a page from nancy pelosi's east coast playbook and said we have to pass these first before we read them, a
Aug 11, 2013 5:00am PDT
of this month when russia granted temporary asylum to edward snowden, the former nsa contractor who disclosed secrets about america's surveillance program but other issues divide the two countries as well as president obama noted in his press conference on friday. >> i think the latest episode is just one more in a number of emerging differences we've seen over the last several months around syria, around human rights issues, where, you know, it is probably appropriate for us to take a pause. >> now, secretary of state john kerry and defense secretary chuck hagel did meet with their russian counterparts on friday to discuss the war in syria. russia has supported the regime of bashar al assad and gave them weapons, and russian's draconian gay laws. last month putin made it illegal for couples anywhere in the world to adopt russian children. weeks before that putin signed laws banning so-called homosexual propaganda and authorizing police to arrest four nationalings of being pro-gay. this has made for tense months between united states and russia and president obama down played the tension but
Aug 17, 2013 5:00am PDT
outline that there's been thousands of violations by the nsa of the surveillance laws, just last year, and that the fisa court judge, he doesn't think that they have the ability to monitor those type of violations. so we're going to see, i think, a new round of hearings from senator leahy. >> all right. nia? >> we now know that the movie "the butler" is a movie worth seeing. it came out yesterday, starring, of course, forest whitaker, based on the real life of a butler who served eight administrations. oprah winfrey's in it, lenny kravitz, i think i'll go see it later today. >> it's on my list, but my list goes about three years, the last time i saw a movie. thanks to krystal ball, sam cedar, and nia-malika henderson of "the washington post." thank you all for getting up and thank you for joining us today for "up." join us tomorrow, sunday morning at 8:00, we'll have hakim jeffries on the politics of crime. >>> and up next, melissa harris-perry with joy reid sitting in. the 25-year anniversary sheds light on the state of police today. why ice cube is just as relevant as ever. that's m
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)